Big Firm Knowledge, Small Firm Rates

The optimum fee arrangement compensates the lawyer for the results obtained for the client. Whenever possible, we prefer results-based fees to the standard hourly fee. Fee arrangements come in the following forms:

Contingency. This is used when we represent someone who brings a lawsuit. It’s simple. If we win and collect, our fee is a percentage of what you recover. If we collect nothing, there is no fee.

Reverse Contingency. This is the same approach as the contingency fee, except our fee is based upon the amount we save our client.

Flat Fee. We handle your case for a guaranteed fixed fee. The fee is paid in advance or in installments as phases of the case are completed.

Hourly. The hours spent working on the case multiplied by the hourly rate.

Hybrid. A blend of the hourly and contingency fee. Here we are paid monthly on an hourly basis at a discounted rate lower than our standard hourly rates. At the end of the case, we also receive a discounted contingency from what you collect or save.

Which approach is best depends on your situation.

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