Practice Areas

Commercial Law

Business Contracts
Need a contract prepared or reviewed? What you can’t decipher in the legal mumbo-jumbo could hurt you plenty later. Fees are generally hourly or flat fee.

Business Debt Collection
We’ve collected tens of millions of dollars of delinquent bills. Our trademark is speed and efficiency. Flat or contingent fees are available. Fees are generally contingent or blended.

Business Purchases & Sales
Do you need to purchase or sell your business? We know the in’s and out’s, having done this dozens of times. Buying or selling a business on your own can result in some big mistakes. What you pay us we’ll more then earn in savings to you. Fees are generally flat fee.

Business Start Ups
Starting a business? Great! Come to us. We’ll guide you through the whole process, from choosing what kind of entity to use (we’ve formed hundreds of corporations, LLC’s, joint ventures, and limited and general partnerships, both California and Delaware) signing your business lease, reviewing your company’s business plan, and the myriad of other issues that arise when starting a business. Fees are generally flat fee.

Commercial Law
Commercial law is a broad term which covers just about anything that can come up running your business – contracts, employment issues, claims, insurance, product defects, and 1001 other things. We’re available to help you solve your business’ legal questions. Fees are generally flat fee or hourly.